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This is the second part of my paid survey reviews. You can read part one here.

Below are details of some of the free to join survey sites I have tried out, and rated based upon frequency of participation and earning potential.  As I mentioned in part 1I would recomend joining the Brand Institute  panel, which is always looking for evaluators with a medical background.  Brand Institute typically pay between $15 and $25 per survey to those with a medical background (doctors, nurses, technicians etc...), sometimes much more, and payment per survey is either by cheque or PayPal. If you haven't got a PayPal account, you can sign up for one here.    

This page continues where part 1 
left off

Survey Name / Reward Description Minimum Payout Earning Potential Rating
Opinion World  (Prizes/Charity Donation) Invite you to surveys regarding a number of interesting subjects.  This is a good site to practice surveys on.  To date, I have yet to win a prize, but you have the option to reward a charity for your participation N/A Poor
Opinionate UK (Cash, Voucher or Charity Donation) Opinionate surveys range between 50p and 2 per survey and invitations are infrequent, averaging at about 2 per month 10 Poor
  Media Transfer (Amazon Vouchers) Infrequent, but good paying surveys come from this company.  You earn media points.  1 is about 6 points 100 Points Fair
Lightspeed UK Panel  (Cash & Prizes) Global research company.  Take part in surveys and mini polls to earn points (1 point = 1 pence) 5 Fair
Ipoints  (Points/Gifts) Online loyalty scheme.  Earn money for opinions, surveys, shopping and accepting promotional offers 40 Points Good
Global Test Market  (Cash)

Regular invitations to surveys, though a high proportion are screened out after a few questions.  You do, however get a token amount of market points for your trouble if not selected to complete.

20 Good
Juicy Brains Panel UK  (Cash) UK version of Brainjuicer.  Not many juicings compared to other survey companies, but the average payout is about 1.50, plus they are entertaining and not too time consuming 5 Fair to Good
ACOP  (Cash & Prizes)              ACOP claim to send a screener questionnaire every six weeks.  I have not known this to be the case, but when surveys do arrive, they pay between 3 and 5.  Cheques are posted to you for each survey, so you don't have to wait for a balance to build up.  All members are put in a prize draw for the equivalent of $250, plus extra entries if you have completed a screener but not been invited to the survey. N/A Good

As promised, here are my top 20 links for visitors outside the UK. Please bear in mind that a lot of the links in my review will also redirect you to your "local" version, so please don't automatically avoid clicking them!

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