Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust, the Leading UK Dog Welfare Charity

dogs trust, the leading UK dog welfare charity

Dogs Trust has been in existence since 1891 (the name was changed from the "National Canine Defence League" in 1993). and was set up by Lady Gertrude Stock after the first Crufts show ever held.  Their most famous slogan is "A dog is for life - not just for Christmas".

There is a huge problem of stray and abandoned dogs in the UK.  In 2005, over 100,000 stray dogs were collected by local authority dog wardens. While local authorities do their best to return stray dogs to their owners or rehome them, nearly 8,000 dogs are still being put to sleep just because they have been left to fend for themselves.  It is Dogs Trust's policy to never destroy a healthy dog, and where rehoming is not possible for various reasons, the animal is given sanctuary for the remainder of their days.

In addition to rehoming, Dogs Trust campaign tirelsessly for the rights of our four legged friends.  Recent campaigns have included lobbying against tail docking, and against the wholesale euthanasia of hunt dogs following the fox hunting ban.  They also run regular microchipping and neutering initiatives in the most needy areas, and promote responsible dog ownership through education. All centres, plus the website, provide leaflets and factsheets on all manner of dog ownership issues ranging from "children and dogs" to dealing with the death of your dog.

There are 16 Dogs Trust centres throughout the UK, and the organisation are going through a programme of facility modernisation.  You can take a virtual tour of one of the new centres by clicking hereDogs trust rely heavily on volunteers (they employ a total of 400 staff nationwide).  If you can spare some time, or feel you may be able to foster a dog on a short term basis, contact your local rehoming centre  for more information about how you may help. 

If you would like to contact Dogs Trust, their details are:

Head Office
Dogs Trust 
17 Wakley Street 
EC1V 7RQ  

Telephone: 020 7837 0006  

Email: Rehoming   Dog Sponsorship  General/Customer Service 


Notices & Diary Dates
The Christmas period rehoming embargo is now over and the Leeds centre is full to the brim!  If you visit, please do not overlook Tom the collie cross or old Angus and his friend Gem!
This is not an ad.  If you are intending buying a puppy, this site is required viewing, and may sway you towards rehoming a dog rather than buying one from a shop or unscrupulous dealer posing as a genuine breeder
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