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About Our Site


On this page, you will learn a little more about us and the contents of our website.  For a full list of pages, go to our site map.

About Us

We are the Gibson family from Leeds in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom.  The site name "Gibson5" comes from the fact that there are five of us in the family - Darren, Andrea, Rachel, Georgia and Chloe, and I think it is also a clever play on "Gibsons"

About Our Site

  • The homepage is your portal into our world - enter if you dare!
  • Our "Pocket Money" section will evolve over time, and currently includes information regarding online surveys where you are paid to give your opinion and details about consumer oriented income streams such as mystery shopping and focus groups, but other useful information is in the pipeline
  • "Favourite places"  contains reviews/opinions about places we have stayed, live, or enjoy visiting, and generally letting visitors know anything I have come across which is worth knowing.
  • "Charities" contains three articles which outline the work of the charites which we support: Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and Dog's Trust. Should this site make any money from adverts, searches etc.., a proportion of any profits will be split between them each month.  You will also find direct links should you wish to help individual charites directly.  We also regularly send "gifts" from World Vision's Alternative Gift Catalogue.
  • Our Site Map page provides direct links to all pages within the site
  • The Contact link will take you to a contact form where you can send comments etc..

Want to see what the new site layout will be like? take a look at our sandbox and then please use the contact form to let us know what you think

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